JHES : Journal of Health and Environmental Sanitation

Original title:Jurnal Sanitasi Lingkungan
English title:Journal of Environmental Sanitation 
Short title:JHES
Frequency:2 issues per year (April and October)
Number of articles per issue:5 research articles and reviews per issue
EIC:Tumartony Thaib Hiola, S.Pd., M.Kes
Publisher:Department of Environmental Sanitation, Health Polytechnic of Gorontalo, Gorontalo, Indonesia
Citation Analysis:Google Scholar, Garuda
Language:English; Indonesian
Discipline:Environmental Health; Environmental Epidemiology; Environmental Health Risk Assessment; Environmental Health Technology; Environmental-Based Diseases; Environmental Toxicology; Water and Sanitation; Waste Management; Pesticides Exposure; Vector Control; Food Safety.

Journal of Health and Environmental Sanitation (JHSE) releases 2 issues annually (April and October), and aims to cover all topics which related to Public Health, Environmental Sanitation, and other multidiciplinary health. JHSE Office located at the Department of Environmental Sanitation. Health Polytechnic of Gorontalo.

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Vol 1, No 1 (2022): Journal Of Health and Environmental Sanitation

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Faisal Faisal, Syamsul Alam, Aprilzal Satria Hanafi, Martina Martina